Bologna contemporanea
6 festivals moving across the present

"Bologna Contemporanea" (Contemporary Bologna) brings together a plurality of unique events dedicated to several aspects of culture and contemporary art; six festivals taking place in Bologna but internationally appealing: AngelicA - International music festival, BilBolbul - International comics festival, Biografilm Festival - International Celebration of Lives, Future Film Festival - International festival of cinema animation and new technologies, Gender Bender - International & Contemporary Issues on Gender, Live Arts Week.
These six successful festivals offer together a coordinated calendar, covering a time frame of nearly an year, aiming to promote the access to innovative cultural events and to stimulate the artistic production growth in Emilia Romagna by means of international comparison. "Bologna Contemporanea" is a voyage into multiple forms of art expression from all over the world, born in a dinamic, curious, often restless, city; it’s the common denominator of six festivals sharing an idea of development and aiming to create a future outlook, expressing in the meantime the up-to-date and global nature of a great city, full of art and tradition.

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