Bologna contemporanea
6 festivals moving across the present

Bologna contemporanea

Bologna is one of the most lively Italian capitals, open to international and innovative phenomenon. A unique city, at the center of Mediterraneum and Europe, and between North and South.
Isn’t it true that geographical maps coincide with mental maps? This is why Bologna is so many-sided and ready to intercept national and international innovative trends.

'Knowledge city', thanks to the most ancient University in the world - 'European Capital of Culture' in 2000 - a wide and unique arrange of organizations and events dedicated to cultural and artistic production, ranging from music to cinema, from dance to performance arts, from literature and poetry to graphic novel, from antique and contemporary art to scientific, political and philosophical culture.
Bologna is the capital of the contemporaneity, a city fully oriented to experimentation, research, new exploration, in every domain of knowledge.
In defining its vocation, contribute many cultural events: privately organized but in synergy with public institutions, they found in the festival form a privileged way to research and share the outcome with the audience; they also found a way to build strong nets with other organizations beyond the national borders.
In Bologna, culture is experience. 'Bologna Contemporanea' encourages everyone to move into the present.


Contemporary Art and Culture Events in Bologna