Bologna contemporanea
6 festivals moving across the present


Bologna Contemporanea is promoted by Regione Emilia-Romagna Assessorato alla Cultura, along with Comune di Bologna.
Bologna Contemporanea covers a time frame of nearly a year, giving space to every language of contemporary arts, and self-promoting like an atelier, a whorkshop, a stage for research and experimentation, housing international artistic experience: a true contemporary lab.




What’s the point of Bologna Contemporanea?

In accordance with the Regional Cultural Assessor Massimo Mezzetti

“In Emilia Romagna cultural production and consumption is at home. From Rimini to Piacenza, you can move across a region where you’ll find small and big cultural events, festivals and fairs, research centres and big traditional theatres. A real record in Italy generating from a precise schedule focused on culture, cultural politics, passion, a wide range of community organizations on the territory.
Whereas some of Emilia-Romagna cities are renowned as favored location for dance, theater and lyric, Bologna is more and more characterized by the attention to contemporary art, a field on which we want to invest. We are sure that when cultural production measures itself on experimentation and contemporaneity, it works also on memory and innovation, kneads the tradition generating a future perspective. A way to culture creation bringing an important contribution to community development.
Today the world of culture has to face ever-growing difficulties, given the economic crisis, and despite being a producer of knowledge, life quality and job possibilities.

That’s why this is the right moment to create “Bologna Contemporanea, 6 festivals to move across present”, shrinking from ephemeral things and putting on display territory based productions, underlying the excellence of the regional system.”




What’s the point of Bologna Contemporanea?

In accordance with the Regional Assessor for Culture, Youth Politics, University Relationship of Comune di Bologna, Alberto Ronchi

“Comune di Bologna recognized contemporary languages development as the principal line of action to pursue within its cultural politics. Appraising the excellence of Bologna, developed between a big university (focal point for young people from all Italy) and a political and social fabric historically attentive to innovation, we want to build a model, lesser folded on the national glorius past and nearer to the european experiences. It’s an ambitious purpose, because it wants to establish a debate with the present, in an Italian reality that, between the lack of shared memories and the big insecurities for the future, is inclined to seek shelter in a childish consumption or in the past security.

“Bologna Contemporanea, 6 festivals to move across present”, the net of festivals supported by Comune di Bologna and Regione Emilia-Romagna depicts, together with other important institutions and urban realities, an experience on which to consolidate and affirm an identity created by a valuable and ongoing work on research, on hybridization of languages, on technological innovations and on artistic experimentation: all areas around which we aim to increase the curiosity of the audience, not satisfied by well-known experiences, wishful to be accompanied into the unknown.”